Finally done

  21, 2011 02:59
Sense of achievement: Yes?
Sense of loss and forlorn: Yes?

It appears I'm once again caught up between emotions. Today as I finished my last paper (speedily and for the first time with a know-it-all earnestly), I left the hall feeling a little sad and a little cold. (Blame the weather for the cold bit). Just realized that I've come to an almost end to my chapter at Monash University and it doesn't make me any happier or sadder other than facing the new reality that I'm now a working adult. Don't get me wrong ... there are a gazillion joyful things I can think of from actually graduating with a degree and working for my own independence. But there's also a million things that you can't do anymore once you leave university.

1) no longer a kid.

2) no longer sheltered from the harsh reality.

3) no longer learning more fun, diverse things.

I will miss all of that. It's part of nature, I know. But it's a natural process that I wish never existed sometimes. I'm losing part of my youth. A youth not very well spent but still, youth. Seeing and meeting people I love every now and again. Or even just walking about the school campus and daydreaming how to avoid people I should. There's just so many complex emotions involved that you just can't find out of campus.

*sigh* *sigh*
*cry* *cry*

I do hope I don't fail though. I can't afford to remain in uni for another semester. T^T

God, if you hear my prayers and if July is really my lucky "I-will-get-what-I-want" month then let me pass Monash and let me score the job to Japan. T^T

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