02, 2011 02:59
should stop stalking blogs but really can't help herself. I often have the urge to tell people to keep up the hard work of updating their blog... yet whenever I come by mine now, I don't really seem to see myself motivated enough to update my blog. Hopefully that will change in the next upcoming weeks. I'm planning to start a vlog so... yeah! Just need to start organizing a proper channel for myself and materials that I would be interested to use on my blog.

In other news. Just found out that there's a chance my results for Japanese is a 49.25%. I feel crushed that I wasn't able to do better in the Japanese exam. I clearly could have done much better but didn't. *shakes head* I feel rather fucked up because of that. Every little bit counts, I know... but I don't want to fail a unit that I love so much just because I hit a snag at the end of the road.

But enough with that. July is my lucky month... so I know I'd be able to do it as long as I persevere. I know I can do it. *fist pump*

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