Why Ranka and Sheryl should have just dumped Alto?

  05, 2011 07:10
I seriously disapprove of the triangular relationship. It not only destroys a good friendship, it causes angst and pain for the rejected party. Not everyone recovers from a rejection easily, you know. Whether they're told first-hand or not. In particular, what's so good about Alto? What has Alto done to make Ranka and Sheryl deserve him beyond the fact that he's just plain sweet and kind? I'd say that he's a pretty wishy-washy guy. Whether in the series or the movie. If anything though, the movie fleshes out the relationship between Sheryl and Alto attempting to build the sparks between the two of them. It tries too hard to make it sound like Ranka never did anything to pursue her relationship. Hence the reason why she's undeserving of Alto. Because she never tried.

Yet, we keep forgetting that Ranka's just a little girl. She hasn't had much worldly experiences unlike Sheryl. The movie depicts Ranka as a foil to Sheryl. She possesses innocence, naivety and is very trusting of others. She gives in easily to other people's demands especially if it's from her love ones. But she lacks Sheryl's maturity (and I'd love to point out her boobs. *laughs* Okay, just kidding!) and steadfastness. She lacks the determination to be forceful in the relationship. In fact, all her actions prove that she's only worth being looked upon like a sister in Alto's eyes.

So where does that leave us then?

Alto confesses to Sheryl, reciprocating her love whilst rejecting Ranka's, and then gets mysteriously transported away by the Vajra Queen. Sheryl collapses due to over exhaustion immediately after. Then, we see that Sheryl's comatose and the movie just ends there.

Doesn't this indicate that the route chosen was wrong from the very beginning? Alto gets to do the disappearing act on his women, Sheryl gets the short end of the stick by being in a comatose state after achieving her happiness and Ranka... is just... alive? She only gets to cope with the broken heart that Alto left behind?! WAIT WHAT?

So why didn't the directors stuck to the first ending aka series ending in which none of the girls ever got the guy? I liked it better when a decision was never made. It gave hope for everyone. Instead, a decision is made sounding like a 'GAME OVER! You're dead!' ending? WTH?!


On a more personal level, I'm just majorly pissed because I hadn't gotten over my heartbreak. It's almost coming to a year since I was silently rejected by witnessing my two buddies come together. I don't hold the grudge on the girl though. I loathe the guy. He couldn't wait for me. Nor could he understand the reasons why I held out for so long. Somewhere along the line, I don't think he ever really looked at me properly to understand the reasons why I did what I did. He broke and destroyed everything. I lost a good friend that day. *laughs* I should say two friends but really, I can't call my crush a friend when he was my crush. Everything went downhill from that point in time.

If I was Sheryl, my other girlfriend was Ranka and he was Alto. The wishy-washy dude who was lucky to have two girls by his side. Who was FUCKING lucky that he could just pick and choose someone that he could rebound upon if he missed his first chance.

While someone's happy over the moon somewhere, I get to stay miserable. Heartbreak's hurt. They hurt especially when you fell deeply in love with someone. And if you have a tsundere personality like me... confessing your love gets bloody hard.

This is the second time that I fell in love with someone so badly that I got burnt. Not as bad as my first because I got over it within a week and managed to find things to move on. The grudge is still there. The hurt emotions have lessen a little. But I don't forgot easily. I don't ever ever want to be in a triangular relationship again. Because I'm the only person who would chose friendship over love. Not anyone else but me.

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