Long story short.

  24, 2011 06:43
*laughs* Sorry for the late updates, my fellow nonexistent readers!

I lucked out at the chance to work in Japan. Ah well! At least, I'm somewhat relieved and disappointed about the outcome. It's just me running around with all these unnecessary pointless worries in my head. So I'm not really unhappy that I didn't get it. (I'm speaking in tongues again, aren't I?)

To better explain myself: I started panicking about financial stability whilst supporting myself in Japan. I mean it would be great and all except Japan is one place that I have no guarantees I can actually make it out there alone. Already, I'm somewhat supported by everybody down here in Aussie (aka all my coolest bestest friends! Yes, you!). I wonder what would happen if I would ever run into problems down there. It's almost guaranteed that the language barrier would be my first hindrance.

And secondly, I don't want to be away from my friends. I mean, I've finally found my footing here in Australia. For the first time, I feel like I have friends. Just like Alex, I don't really want to risk losing it all for a dream that might just potentially turn out into a nightmare. And really, we can't all just survive on dreams/cupcakes/lollies? *sigh*

Anyway, so yeah! There you have it.

Also, fight-o! Finally moved into my new place aka Geoffrey's place today. Still got a few more things to move over. But not too much trouble of course. Just small stuffs.

Got an interview tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well. That way I can have a job and support myself without having to ask Dad for more money. TT^TT Plus, need money to buy Xmas pressies for people.

That reminds me, I also should spend time updating my birthday wish list. Although next year's birthday is going to be a rather quiet one. I know everybody will be busy then. *laughs* Afterall, all of us are just embarking on our journey to finding a stable income.

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