Second week of December

  10, 2011 02:32
Things I've been doing of late: sleeping, eat, more sleeping, attempting to download less, playing Facebook games, playing Weiss Schwarz and losing badly, more sleeping and sleeping.

Quite regretting my lack of control when my emotions burst out like a canal overflowing earlier this week. I was quite upset when someone messed with my cards, making me lose focus on what I was doing. Granted! I was talking to somebody so I distracted myself. However, touching my cards or purposely messing with me grates on my nerves. It feels as though I'm back in high school again, going through the usual bullying cases and shrieking out loud when I'm unable to overcome the issue confidently. I don't like being placed on a spot like that. I don't like being messed with. But it was really immature of me and I feel rather ashamed to go back there right now.

Haven't started on my drawing for Sooky yet although I need to get started on it asap. Like tonight so I can send it in sometime this week. Boohoo! Am a lazy person. XP

Also, next post will have my revamped birthday wishlist WITHOUT the annoying red lines and stuffs. Makes it easier on the eyes for people to see. *laughs*

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