Birthday Wish List 2012

  27, 2011 06:37
One month and a day to go or so.

So it's time to make the wonderful wishlist so people know what to get me.

I'm so nice, aren't I? Making everyone know what I DO want AND don't want.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *insert evil laughter here.jpg*


1) A place of my own
2) My own business

All above are realistic and serious though undoubtly funny for many when they read it. XD

4) Return trip to Japan (All expenses paid for)
5) Stuffs for Weiss Schwarz
6) Driver's license exam
7) A car
8) A new phone - preferably an iPhone 4 and above
9) Nichijou/Persona 4 stuffs
10) Return trip to Sydney?
11) Trip back to Malaysia?
12) New awesome headphones (since I seem to have ill luck with mine all the time)
13) iPad XD
14) a job in Japan.

Sorry, not being imaginative of late. XD

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