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  31, 2011 04:34
Dad encourages me to quit the job I got. Lol!

To be frank, the new info or rather whatever I found out regarding the contract isn't sitting too well with him. Anything that involves us coughing up a bond whether deducted from my paycheck or not is ridiculous. It borderlines scam. Unfortunately, we're not in a state to freely allow me to do whatever I want despite any repercussions. So I'd have to quit. But must make it look good so it doesn't seem to suss when I do quit.

Day before yesterday was the most dreadful day I had though. For the first time in my life, I suffered from a freaking panic attack. This happened at a try out for a job that Amanda got me. At Pie Face. At Southern Cross. That obviously pays well!!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

One minute I was alright and the next, heart palpitation. Could feel my heart literally beating fast. Difficulty breathing. I could have faint except I'm usually not the type to. With all that, I had no choice but to bail! Even if I didn't wanted to, I don't know if something at that job might just trigger it again.


Then again, the past few days prior to that was pretty interesting too. Went through a Murphy's Law event on Xmas when my phone just mysteriously stopped working (like Vodafone could have just told me that they were going to port my number on Xmas itself, saving the trouble of fretting that much), laptop port dislocated itself, found out that I'm actually allergic to some sorta chili pepper that makes me break out in hives (another first btw!), was confessed to on Facebook (well not a bad thing though I felt bad for the guy. My first time receiving a confession on a social media besides MSN and Skype. Lawls! What's next? SMS? E-mail?) and just ... Just having all those.

Then learnt to play some car crashing ps2 game, learnt EHD Magic zombie style gameplay, and played RE: Dominion which is so much more fun! Must recommend Remy to get the game too. Definitely think he'd like the game!

Also, guess what came in the mail yesterday? Just received the present from Mon! It's an Xmas/birthday present since she was worried that it wouldn't arrived on time before the end of the year. Lol!!!! Guess what it was? *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Swarovski! It's a beautiful turquoise necklace! My favorite blue shade! Lol! Nobody really knows this but even though I mention I love all shades of blue, I'm most fond of the sea-blue color. Green-blue was always my favorite because of ... Sailormoon! Lawls! I know! You guys must be like, "Say whattttt???? I thought you boycotted Sailormoon already!"

*chuckles* Well prior to that, in my wee teen years, I used to try and figure out which Sailor Soldier had the closest birthday to mine. It was Sailor Uranus though I had hoped that it would have been Sailor Moon (Yes!!! Ssshhh). Anyway, Uranus loved Neptune. Sky meets sea. Me and mom? Except that would be a whole different equation. (Think Aquarius meets Pisces, water bearer pouring water for fishies) But yeah, it did influence me subconsciously to a degree.

Loving the necklace though. It's one of the most expansive jewelries that I own now, including the diamond pair of earrings that Mom gave me ages ago.

Hmm, I rambled, didn't I?

Can't sleep though. That's probably why. Lol

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