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  01, 2012 11:06

<3 Yup~ I'm part of Churp Churp now. It's actually a pretty cool widget that allows you to reap rewards whilst expanding your network among your friends. All you need to do is click the link that frequently pops up on my Twitter AND Facebook, register an account and you're instantly on the run to earning some awesome gifts. Of course, the catch is that you'd have to keep distributing the link to your friends and keep encouraging them to signup lor. A little bit like how Nuffnang works! But Nuffnang's more blogosphere based and not social media based mah!

Obviously, the reason why I'm posting this up is to shamelessly ask people to click on all my ads and gimme moneys lor! SIGN UP, FOLKS!!!! I'm putting myself out there by pimping this so don't make me feel any more embarrass than I already am. WWWWWW!!!! T^T;;;;


In other non-related New Year news, how was New Year for everybody?

I spent the first half of New Year's eve cleaning my room before adjourning off to Phe's place to watch the DVD recording of the Sydney K-pop concert that was recently held last year in November. Technically wasn't last year since I was watching the DVD on the 31st of December? But hey! For all linearity and in fairness, I'd keep up with the fact that we're in the new year. *winks*

Anyway, main reason why we were going to watch the recording was because Phe and Sebby were recorded live when the cameras swung by 'em. Obviously, we didn't know if the recordings would have still kept that lil' segment. We just had to gamble our chance that it might.

So originally, there was a slight confusion between me and Phe as to how I was going to get to his place. I had asked Lesley previously for a lift. I wasn't too sure if she was going to provide it or not as she suddenly had plans in the earlier half of the morning. We did, however, managed to settle it and later, Lesley picked me up from the Dan Murphy's at the cornering junction near her house.

Ended up crashing at her place for a bit for some icey-cold refrigerated watermelon and some strawberries. Yum yum! Had a blast laughing at Lesley's expense since her mother was cracking the typical Asian mum jokes at her daughter. I can never get over her poking her own daughter. It's just adorable. And yeah! She actually started using more Cantonese with me! >w<)/ Good to know that she's finally realized I can understand her! Haha! And her mom even asked me to sleepover their place that night! Air-con ftw? And I love her so much! *hugs* (No offense to Phe, of course. I was just worried that there might not be enough space for all of us since Amy was sleeping over as well. And I thought it would be better if one of us girls had a proper place to sleep instead of the floor. I don't know what was the arrangement but yeah, I was running about with an assumption for the night.)

Went to Phe's, watched the K-pop concert, saw Sebby on it (*SQUEALS AND DOES A MINI DANCE*), then got a text from Lesley that Viet was finally meeting her in the city. That meant plans had changed and it needed some re-working right now. Hmm. My devious thinking cap (which has always loved watching the fireworks and somewhat did protested to me the entire day) got the better of me. Proposed that we just head into the city asap. Which meant I had to gobble my dinner quickly. Well, I still got to chat with Phe's mom about Sherlock Holmes. Oh! BBC Sherlock Holmes! You are divine! You are love! You are sex on TV! XDDDDD And managed to remake arrangements for next weekend's Sherlock Holmes movie with everybody else. <3 <3 <3

Managed to get into the city in one piece with Lesley and proceeded to Kav's place to watch the fireworks. His apartment faces the train station so we could somewhat see the fireworks. Met Max there which was surprising. Haha! The guys lost to my awesome EDH Zombie deck shuffling skills. Losing 4 times in a row was pretty devastating. Lesley stayed with me till she managed to contact Viet and then left with him to enjoy the fireworks. Max left later just as Rod arrived. OAO;;;;

Then the fireworks began. It was... simply put, amazing! I actually thought the Arts Centre was the main attraction. Oops! So didn't expect that it caught on fire. *gulps* When Rod came, he brought chicken along. Fried chicken. Oily, greasy, fried chicken from the ever detestable KFC! The temptation was just too unholy to resist. Ended up having a few pieces. Kav put on Judge Judy for us to watch whilst we nommed on the fried chicken. Rod also brought the strawberry wine that I left at his place at the Xmas party. So, we cocked it open and had some before the alcoholic ginger beer that I bought on a whim earlier today. (Yes, I bought it from Dan Murphy. I was just too lazy to mention it.)

Left Kav's place around two-ish in the morning after making sure most of the crowd went home. Hmm. Twas' an alright day. Could have been worst! ^^;;;;

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