Of love stories.

  08, 2012 08:06
"Love is but a chemical defect found in the losing end."

A little paraphrasing based on what I remembered from the recent BBC Sherlock Holmes episode. Of late, my peers have each fallen in/out of love, gotten into a whirlwind of relationships that shake the foundations of my core, dabbled in notorious shaky situations with only uncertainty lying at the end of the tunnel; whilst this unfortunately single young lady (ergo: me) listens to the stories. Some are tragic, some are hilarious, some are just hmm.

So what is love?

I am clearly not the right person to be the judge of things. Nevertheless I do quite enjoy the stories as they're very insightful on how different relationships come together and work. Like my ex. His previous relationship was rather awkwardly interesting. Who knew that his first relationship would be amusing in the eyes of others. I'm pretty sure it was awkward for him. In fact, our relationship had a lot of awkward moments. Moments where I was embarrassing him unintentionally. Not done on purpose, I assure you. Although that moments that were, I quite enjoyed doing it. But yes, a discussion between Phe and I regarding his new DRAMA including the understanding of my ex's previous relationship, struck a funny bone in Sebby. He had kicks of listening to it earlier. Laughing... nonstop. I don't think Alex can run away from that anytime soon. *chuckles*

That's beside the point. Moving back to the main topic. One of the love stories that I struggled to understand was perhaps the one that I heard today from a friend. My previous housemate, in fact. He was dating another housemate of ours whom later moved in with him for a year in a small 3 bedroom house with two of his other friends. The girl graduated about the same time with me. She held a Bachelor of Commerce, I believe.

She had no idea what she wanted to do after graduating. Her parents were beckoning her to come back home. They wanted her close by their side. Whereas she was quite torn in between. She loved her boyfriend (my friend) dearly and didn't want to be apart from him. I think, she gave herself a chance. If she passed her IELTS with a band 6.0, she would apply for a Temporary Residency visa and resided in Australia. If not, she would head back.

Alas! Fate was not on their side. She narrowly missed it by a 0.5 mark. The dice had been cast. The decision had been made. She was to head home. At the end of last month, she embarked back home and I'm very sad to say that I didn't get a chance to meet up with her before she left.

Now, the main story is really more about the guy. He is my friend and I do care about him. Today when we met up, I asked him about the situation. What was their current status? He said neither of them were sure. They knew they had to break up but they couldn't because they loved each other. At the same time, Australia was their middle ground. He couldn't see himself living in her country because of the language barrier and he didn't think she could adapt to the lifestyle where we were from.

Like most of his friends, I told him to hang on. I believed that it would work out in the end. He looked at me, with a resigned face and a heavy voice, uttered his deepest worries. "How can I make it work when it is inevitable that we can't?". It wasn't a problem of maintaining a long-distance relationship. It was the fact that the love was already on too shaky grounds that they have to break up. It's nothing they could say. Not a topic they would want to broach.

It was tough. Staring at a man who is full of life and confidence in himself. I didn't know what else to say or what other advises I could give. Most relationships tend to be rather superficial. Many, never lasting more than a year. Or conspicuously childish, ere'd, and flawed that I couldn't bring myself to be accepting towards. But for the relationship that I could, when situations like these crop up, I hate being in a loss for words.

So sometimes I wonder... what truly is love? How far do we go when we fall in love? And are we truly always on the losing end when a relation fails? My pessimistic side insists that once you've felt the pain, you'd never want to go through it again. It thus makes falling in love so much harder upon me. I take it upon myself to admonish anything that could put me on the path, forcing myself to steer my eyes straight into an endless abyss of simplistic goals, that doesn't encourage much progression in me. The lazy man's easy way out? I'd say it is.

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