Defining Personalities

  14, 2012 09:32
Once, I was given a book on personalities by my mother. It was her way of saying that she wanted me to completely understand myself and find a balance in my life. Possibly due to my PMS that occurs either a week before or the week itself, I tend to get severe mood swings. These mood swings were so severe that there was always a shouting match that happened every few minutes. Anything would usually trigger and flip my switch. Usually, the common triggers were my incessant brother who had the urges to sarcastically ruin my life with petty jokes or lack of discipline in himself which results in harmful and hurtful actions, sharp piercing noises, bright lights and any "diplomatic" discussions that my mom chooses to have with me. It's not like I don't appreciate any attempts that she makes. However, we do not ever meet eye-to-eye and hence, could not ever have a discussion without aiming at each other's throats.

It is very sad to admit that I actually enjoyed the book she gave me. Much more the pity that she was unhappy with the results I obtained from it. As it's been ages since I've laid eyes on the book, I can only faintly recall a little about everything. There was a basic test that was featured in the opening pages of the book that categorizes a person's personality into four different types of personality. In life, people tend to be a mix of all. What really matters is which personality is your most dominant and which is the second most dominant. To this day, I can only remember that I was predominantly a Sanguine. I do not recall if the other three were almost at par or not.

As a Sanguine, it was expected for me to have my ditsy, intelligent side. I would have a range of emotions that are always worn on my sleeves. With a forgiven nature, I would get over issues rather easily. That's just the gist of what I read. When I presented the conclusion to my mother, she called the book, "Trash!". Apparently what she deems as a self-help book was that it usually lends a helping hand to motivate, encourage or inspire a person to change. What I was basically doing, however, was acceptance. Acceptance isn't quite the form of change that she was expecting. In her mind, accepting your own personality wasn't the same as making an effort to realize the follies behind your actions or reactions.

From that day, I have always wondered, "How do we define our personalities?". Children tend to adopt several aspects of their personalities from their parents or their surrounding. It is true that no two siblings are alike in mannerism or characteristics. However, there are some traits that a person could notice that originates from either or both his/her parent that are present in both. But if a child's personality is not bounded by their surroundings, then what does?

Unfortunately, I've found that defining personalities is a really hard subject to broach. There are so many various personality tests out there that confuses my understanding of how each takes an approach to defining a person. At one stage, I took to looking at New Age materials to help define myself. Tarots, astrology and the Chinese horoscopes were one of many that I had tried. Overall, I found it exhausting putting myself in a container. Though I've noticed people have a love of defining themselves within a container - whether to please the critics around them or not - I could not be able to bound myself within it. My personality is too much of a mishap to be able to fully embrace a category.

I wonder... does that apply to my readers too? If yes, do respond and comment below. If not, do ALSO respond and comment below. Opinions of the mass is often enlightening.

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