21, 2012 12:49
Dad came online quite late at night for a chat. He did apologize for trying to pass the phone to mom but we moved on quickly from there. Told him about my situation and discussed the feasibilities of me remaining in Australia. The lack of job opportunities, he considered, were partially the economy's fault. I rather considered it mine since I don't seem to have any redeeming qualities that would encourage anybody to hire me.

He then inquired about my upcoming trip to Sydney. Gave him a rough idea of my plans down there and what I expected to do. I also included an outline of the expected expenditure to Sydney. Dad offered to chip in a bit of cash though I declined. Didn't seem right. Still, he's apparently banking in the money to my bank account.

I can't help but feel that even if I were to lose mom's love for me, dad's still going to be there for me. But I really don't want our relationship to be based monetary wise. I want it to be because I genuinely love him. That requires some reciprocation on my part. I.e: must find a job quickly and t.t some money back to them.

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