Birthday gift voucher present? OAO

  24, 2012 14:19
So... a friend just sent me an e-gift certificate for an almost all-expense paid trip to Tokyo. He'd be paying for the airplane tickets from anytime between now till August. Accommodation is a bit iffy, however, as he'd only intended to book a single room. My dear friend said that he wouldn't mind paying the differences between either getting a double single bedroom if I want to get my own room though. So I would have to pay a bit unless I don't mind sharing.

All I need to bring are my bags and some money for food/shopping/travelling expenses only.

OAO;;; I'm quite stoked that anyone, if ever, is actually willing to do this for me. Fucking amazed by it.

Now all I need to do is get a piggy bank and hopefully, have people give me money for my expenses in Japan. *laughs*


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