Reflections: Top 10 Things Everyone Knows About Me

  23, 2013 05:35
So things have gone south with le boyfriend. Not something worth putting up on the blog as it is private and personal. The incident however had brought out the protective nature in several of my friends and family members, many who wishes that I dump him. I get the logic behind it. Really, I do. You guys have been telling me this for 6 months ++ now. I respect it but I can't make the call yet. Not when things are the way they are.

These are not what I want to talk about though. I've come to realize that whilst some people know who I am or what I am, not everyone clearly knows parts about me that should be known. So I thought about it and decided why not make a list about the top 10 things that everyone knows about me (i.e. What EVERYONE should already know about me).

1) I am a Japanese Otaku who's primary joy revolves around Jpop, J-Idols, Anime, Manga, JRPGs and TCG.

2) I complain, whine and bitch about life. You don't understand life or my hardships? Well, fuck you!

3) I post my life on Facebook a lot! Why? Because it's how I promote/talk about myself. My interest, my likes, my dislikes - it builds who I am and writing it out there helps me focus my thoughts a little better.

4) I like dabbling in anything that I can get my hands on. If there's a new media kit out there to try, I want to be there. If there's a new Japanese restaurant that MUST be sampled, I try to get there. My goal is to experience life as it comes by.

5) There is no hurdle, bulldoze through them.

6) I am petty in my relationships and have a lack of self-confidence on occasions that I'm unfamiliar with. However, I adapt quickly. My positivity in life lends a hand to overcoming these barriers.

7) If I love something, I fight to the bitter end.

8) If I can't deal with something no matter how hard I try, I run away to never look back at it again.

9) I love my friends and will always stand by their side. All my loved ones mean a lot to me. They mean everything to me.

10) Stress makes me a mean paranoid bitch. It gives me rashes when things get too much to handle.

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