Instalok - What Does Teemo say? Lyrics

  25, 2013 15:35
Nasus goes woof
Rengar goes meow
Valor goes tweet
And Twitch goes squeek

Alistar moos
Tibbers goes roar
And the Hecarim goes neigh

Warwick says howl
Nami goes blub
And the Urf goes ow ow ow

But there's one champ
Everyone hates
What does Teemo say?

Big green hat
Red goggles
Blinding darts
And planting shrooms

Pointy ears
Fury face
And his eyes are always closed

His Yordle boots
Just standing still
Dealing damage over time

And if you step
Into that bush
You will get chunked and run so slow

And then your hate for him will show
What does Teemo say?

The legend of Teemo
Pain and misery
Riot can't you see
What you do to me?

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