Instalok - Thresh Hook lyrics

  25, 2013 15:39
Heading for the top lane baby
Pretty soon I'm gonna have you pinging for some help
Doing tons of damage oh yea I'm building AD
You're hugging your tower wishing you picked someone else

I think you should've started with a cloth and five
I'm farming all your minions all these souls are mine
(Your soul is mine)

Thresh Hook
Pull you from afar
Then I'll fly to where you are
There's not a thing that you can do
When i land my hook on you

Give me that Ashe baby
I'll throw my hook and then I'll pull you through
You're chasing me but I'll hook to a creep
Then I'll turn back and we'll engage on you

I think you should surrender it's about damn time
I'm stronger than your carry watch your whole team die

You just got thresh hooked
Yea you you you you're dead

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