Instalok - Bronze 5 lyrics

  25, 2013 15:42
Everybody queue up!

Don't belong here
I don't plan to stay
If you start to feed
Then I'll AFK
GG our 7th death
GG we're too behind
GG no faith in mankind

Alright, this duo blows
No way to educate you
Tops farm is laughable
Mid lanes always in danger

This game's made to frustrate ya
This blitz cant land his hook
Nice blue card twisted fate
My team is making all these

You even trying?
Hard to play with these baddies
This team is toxic
Talk about disaster
I'm stuck in BRONZE 5

you even trying?
You say you're lagging
Why'd you rush banshees
Stop acting cocky

Run into their team more
You can't 1v5 them
You think you can backdoor
Please uninstall after this game!

I'm losing LP
Please end it quickly
We're still not grouping

I should be Silver ll
Matchmaking got me paired with all the noobs
I can carry you no matter who
Just let me get the role that I wanted foo!
But you first picked without a clue
Of what our other teammates said that they preferred to do
Every single time you die you're yelling out "Worth"
And then you blame it on your team because you're a "Diamond smurf"

(Solo queue, you suck...Hate you!)

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