Instalok - Out of Sight lyrics

  25, 2013 15:44
Your Teemo's feeding
I'm clearing every single shroom
It's so fullfiling
You barely got your Nashor's Tooth

Your buff got transferred
Kha'Zix is never running OOM
We're getting closer
You'll see our wombo combo soon

Looks like you just got dunked
Pissed off Elise
You can't stand
Not seeing me
Until you pink ward it
Thinking you're safe
We'll stealth gank every lane

You caught me but you're losing sight
You think you're gonna win this fight
My team's about to reunite
You're headed for a pleasant surprise

So lets go
We ain't hidden no mo'
You sure thought you were pro
But this fight was a throw

So Tonight
My team will always be nearby
Your victory is out of sight

You think it's worth it
When you go for the tower dive
But what's the purpose
When my Shen's keeping me alive

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