Instalok - Donger lyrics

  25, 2013 15:52
Turrets, Missles, Lasers, Makes Me
Larger, Smarter, Better Donger

Nah Nah Nah Nah you can't kill me
You just can't touch my donger
Cause I'll just combo you right now
And now you know I'm stronger

Your team is scared don't wanna fight now
You all start camping towers
I don't gotta even try now
Don't even need my Zhonya's

Lets queue up tonight
About to get some LP tonight
Instaloking Heimer gonna' dong it right
I've been dreaming of this rework waited all my life

Three turrets aint messing with two anymore
Fight me and you'll find out what I got in store
This 'D' to your backdoor
If your sticking with me I got health restore
Submit to my power and intelligence


I don't know if you invent or not
If you got sense or not
If losing mid gets you stressed a lot
I got rounds lets see if you can take a shot

Cause I know that you're summoned in front of me
And that you told your team that you'd dump on me
The game's full of you's there's only one of me
Let's take a ride on a cycle of defeat tonight

I'm upgraded, I'm stronger right
So we gon' do everything the Donger like
It's daylight savings you're in for a longer night
I'm breaking bad champs like I'm Walter White

I'm hitting heavy but your damage light
Drop a third turret cause you plan to dive
Mid king pay the iron price I'm playin' it

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