Instalok - Nerf lyrics

  10, 2013 21:10
Look at all his damage its shocking
Why's it so much higher
Even though we've been building the same thing
Why, why does this happen in every game
That's enough, I think its time we try to make a change

When the fights break out
I just die so absurd
All these champs are OP
Because they just killed me

I'm getting really tired of
Dying all the time

Yea they're gonna need a nerf
It's only getting worse worse
When will riot learn learn
They're gonna need a nerf

Who fed this poppy?
She overpowered me just now
And nidalee,
She just hit me with a spear
I couldn't see it and now I'm lying here face down

Nasus slow
Morgana's bind
These teemo shrewms
And the fiddles fear

And undying rage
The Caitlyn range
Karthus requiem
Soraka heal

Maybe I was wrong
I thought they were too strong
But i guess it was fair
At least now I'm aware

That I gotta try harder
Now I'm gonna try

Yea and maybe I'm just bad
Playing when I'm mad
Maybe I'm just bad bad bad
Just kidding it was lag
There still gonna need a nerf!

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