Instalok - Carrying lyrics

  26, 2014 18:56
I'm pushing the very first wave
With my support by my side
Just hit level 2, engage
and we'll catch you by surprise

You stand still like a photograph
While my kiting never ends
Fight me and I'll force your flash
Then I'll kill you once again

Sit back and peel for me
I'll take out their whole team
With my positioning
I'll kite and I just wont die

With my Shiv and Berserker Greaves
I'm attacking rapidly
With BT and Infinity
I'll be AD carrying

Farming into the late game
I got too much gold to spend
Dive me and I'll shred your tanks
As I slow them down with red

You'll see what a Marksman means
When I got my sights on you
We'll siege for the victory
Pushing's what I aim to do

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