Budget & The Third World Nation

  22, 2014 03:13
If anyone's been following Australian politics recently, you might have heard how the new budget have effectively screwed any and all hope to redeem the Abbott party. Frankly, the budget is ludicrous especially given that Abbott has broken all promises that he had made to Australians prior to winning the election. As a foreigner, I am hardly affected by these changes although I do sympathize with my fellow Australian mates.

Today, my friend posted an interesting link on Facebook in which a politician from Abbott's party compared the complains of the people to the impoverish lifestyle led by third world Asian countries. The article which I shall include for perusal headlines as such: Liberal MP George Christensen tells budget complainers to live like impoverished Asians for perspective

In it, a tweet from the Liberal MP included a picture of what looked like a street where impoverished China people lived with a poor child looking at the camera whilst 'gently' reminding fellow Australians that they should be 'grateful to receive welfare, if any'. He even quotes Thailand and or South East Asia.

Well, now. Dear sir, I am so happy that you deem it befitting to compare a South East Asian country to your big and splendid country known as A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A. As you seem to think that it's only fair for complainers to live a life in a third world country without welfare aid before complaining, I think it's only fair for me, a Malaysian born, to critiqued on the comment.

1) Be grateful for what you have

So, my country never provides welfare aid. I was aware of this painful fact at the age of 15 when I first contemplated running away from home. In Australia, if you had issues with your parents, you could as easily go up to a councilor, spill your frustrations to them, get them to write a letter on your behalf, submit said letter to Centrelink and get free money off em. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And if you're jobless, well... submit evidence again to Centrelink and get free money to live on. How about that? Excellent, eh?

As ridiculous as the system that you have in place (and a means for many to take advantage of), there are benefits to it. Your system has enabled many children to go to university when they couldn't before due to being born into low income earning families. It allowed the elderly to receive support at the age of retirement without relying on their children. It allowed everyone to have an equal life which was protected and cared for by the government. I'm sure I'm speaking for most Australians when they say, they are grateful to the system that WAS in place.

So why change something that already benefits everyone?

The budget should be designed not to benefit just the country and politicians but the people too. You can't say that you expect people to be grateful for what they have when you're not grateful for it either. Don't push your values unto others unless you wants others to do the same onto you. In other words, people are complaining ... So suck it up! You reap what you earned.

2) Live a day in a 3rd World Impoverish Country W/O Welfare

And why, for the love of God, would you compare the systems of two country?

A 3rd world country would be unable to provide for their people as they're just struggling to float in the world economic market. You're a first world country, for Pete's sake! You should very well be aware that it's like comparing monkeys to humans. Yeah, we're from the same genes. But we don't think alike. We can't communicate to each other. We function differently from one another. Remember that you're dealing with smart intelligent citizens. They're not dumb!

Frankly, if you want to compare it... You might as well just adopt the Malaysian Budget system. Go on! I dare you.

=......................................= I see you groaning. HAH!

But look, if you want to cut the budget, be my guest. Just come up with a good reason instead of comparing your country to a 3rd world country and expect people to take that reasoning face flat. God! It's like seeing a 6 year old trying to answer a thesis question.

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