Pentakill - The Prophecy

  06, 2014 01:20
I didn't really know where to place this as technically 'The Prophecy' isn't a song. It's spoken by an unknown narrator who indicates that Pentakill has somehow stir the loins of some unknown champion/beast who will rise up to stand against them.

Now, I'm not banking on just any "champion/beast" alone. I am actually hoping for a new band to be formed as a foil to Pentakill. It would be sweet to get something like an all-female metal band. (I'm dreamin', I know. But heck, I love my female champs.)

There are a few rumours circling Reddit and the forums at the moment, in which Rioters are suspecting an additional band member to join them. Thus, forming a Hexakill instead of a Pentakill formation. They have also voiced an interest in an ADC champion joining in as the current formation does not include one. As of now, everything is to be taken with a pinch of salt but I can't help looking forward to when Riot finally reveals the mystery behind this song.


The era of metal has begun. And metal shall prevail, for we know what they have done.

Five legends of our realm, who sought to follow the path of their dark musings. But they did not know what they had summoned.


To these creatures, there is but one thing left to do.

Heavy Metal.

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