Almost Xmas (もう直ぐクリマスだ。。。)

  15, 2015 08:16

Almost Xmas. I'm proud to say that work has kept me swamped.

Meeting new faces in new places.

I thought I would forever be in Melbourne or trapped in Malaysia. This year, I've visited LA and Taipei. Japan next year and definitely one of the other offices in another country soon.

A part of me still longs for Melbourne though. My home for the past 7 years is still my home. Being away from the country makes it ever harder to keep in contact with friends. Save for a few, I don't speak to most that I used to.

However, being here has made me extremely grateful. I met with an old high school classmate whom I never thought I'll see again. Whilst an awkward meet, I no doubt treasure it as it's a testament to how much we've grown since our school days. Though, I suppose that's a good sign. Most of us have shed our awkward, clumsy state to blossom into beautiful sprites.

My besties are flying in and out of Taiwan too. One came and left. Already missing her amazing laughter and the constant confidence that she boosts in me. Another will shortly come by during Xmas. My denewb twin is coming by too though plans aren't locked solid yet.

These small little things may not seem much but they fill me with bountiful strength. I know I can go far with their support. One step at a time.

Undoubtedly, it's been forever since I blogged. My writing skills have gone rusty. I intend to revive it though. A new chapter of my life is here. Unlike many, I prefer writing down my experiences as they are the most solid memories I can carve unlike photos.

My blog title's changed. For those who may or may not have noticed.

Since I've left Melbourne, I don't think my dreamless days are just penultimately confined to Australia any longer.

Let's see how far I go.

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